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Jacy in People Magazine


Possible the best article about the accident and our program - written by a student, no less!


Jacy spoke at Port Jervis High School in NY, sponsored by Orange County Stop DWI


A few times a year we get to participate in the most amazing, inspiring program for young teens you can imagine.


Jacy is quoted in an article from NBC News about the need for cultural change in putting an end to distracted driving.

Jacy speaks to multiple audiences in New York's Adirondack Mountains

Jacy recently wrote an OpEd regarding Governor Cuomo's newly strengthened New York State cell phone laws.

To help kick off New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Operation Hang Up initiative on April 24, 2012 Jacy and the governor held a press conference in Manhattan. During the week of Operation Hang Up New York state used unmarked police cars specifically enforcing laws concerning any handheld cell phone use behind the wheel. Last year troopers handed out more than 800 tickets during the first round of Operation Hang Up. Check out NY1’s coverage of the event.

Wanna see how far Jacy’s come? This video was the very first interview Jacy gave as the local newspaper updated the community on Jacy’s condition. Created less than five months after Jacy’s graduation day one can readily see Jacy’s lingering cognitive struggles. It inspires us everyday to remember where we were then and what we’ve achieved since.

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