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“Jacy and Steve’s story will touch every fiber in your body – they will make you laugh and cry, but most important, they will help you understand what a major hazard and challenge cell phone usage while driving has become in the U.S. We have used this unique couple several times to speak at our projects, and the results have always been overwhelmingly positive. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend you bring Jacy and Steve out to your job site, high school, college, or any other public venue because their story applies universally to any organization.”

-Mark Zachary, Corporate O&MBG Safety Director, CH2MHill

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Driving is the number one cause of work-related injuries and deaths, and the emotional and financial impact on an organization is significant, as we know from personal experience. The more we learned about the issue and the more people we talked to made it clear to us that our program is needed outside the world of academia.

Since September 2011 we have spoken over 60 professional events in 21 states. As more of the data has become available and understood in the last several years, companies that value safety have been implementing cell phone policies and educating their workforces to the dangers of distracted driving.

We want to help your organization do the same. We have been extensively trained by the National Safety Council on how to effectively convey our story and the data surrounding the issue in a professional setting. Whether your organization has a fleet of vehicles or you simply care for the overall well-being of the people you work with, Hang Up and Drive is the tool you need to stay safe on the job and at home.